The Irish Wilderness is one of the best kept hunting secrets in the Mid-USA. Deer and turkey are abundant in this hardwood forest with surprisingly little hunting pressure.

Eagle Ranch has been intensely managed for wild turkey and whitetail deer for the last twelve years. We have approximately 50 acres of food plots, including clover, rye grass, alfalfa, soy beans, corn, chufa and wheat. Whitetail deer hunting is by archery only. Turkey may be hunted by shotgun. Squirrels may be hunted by 22 caliber. Trophy deer in the 130 to 150 class (Pope and Young) are not uncommon. An annual doe harvest of 8 to 10 is recommended for the estimated 80+ deer herd on Eagle Ranch. Eagle Ranch offers some of the largest wild turkeys in the Country. The Irish Wilderness, a 16,500 acres wild life management area along the Eleven Point River, is located only 12 miles north of Eagle Ranch. Fantastic dove hunts are an annual social event.