Eagle Ranch was acquired by the Utley Family in 1999 to be used as family retreat and a working ranch with cattle, premium hay production and a maturing timberland forest.

During the past few years, the Utley family began thinking about how to preserve and enhance this unique riverfront property, and they placed about 90% of the land under a Conservation Easement. The Conservation Easement ensures that the property will not be developed or disturbed in the future.

The name Eagle Ranch comes from the frequent sighting of Eagles soaring above the ranch. The majesty of the Eagle is a fitting symbol to the beauty and majesty of the property. So, to the Utley family, conservation means preserving the peace and solitude of Nature.

Mark Utley likens his own feelings about Eagle Ranch to the words of author Kathleen Bush:

“With an open heart and captive ears, I feel the royalty of the woods. Their words speak the truth, their secrets are well-intended and kept to stand guard for the many bodies of life that make up its kingdom. Most of all, however, I feel at home in Mother Nature because it’s spontaneous, nonjudgmental and holds ever-changing divine powers.”