Shared Riverfront Community

Eagle Ranch is an outdoorsman’s retreat and shared wilderness community located along 1½ miles along the Eleven Point River in southeastern Missouri.

The Eagle Ranch shared community concept allows for a small group (only six families) to share ownership of the larger property and create a partnership to actively manage the maintenance and operation of the ranch. Each partner will have full ownership of their 1.5-acre cabin site on the riverfront of the Eleven Point River.

The shared ownership of the ranch includes 586 acres of mature timber and hay producing pasture fields, a 10-acre trophy bass lake, horse stables, barns, farm equipment and a spacious four bedroom lodge. The lodge is available year round to members by reservation. The lodge is conveniently located in the center of Eagle Ranch amidst a grove of large oak trees overlooking the Ozarks, the lake, and the river valley.