From: Bernard Terry

Our long weekends at Eagle Ranch have become one of my favorite fall rituals. The best feature of Eagle Ranch is its many uses. Thinking about the lodge I am flooded with the smell of hardwood leaves falling again to mother earth, steaks on the grill, a big breakfast after a morning in the woods or on the Eleven Point. Walks through the hills and hollers with the brilliant crimson, yellow, and orange leaves from 100 year old oak trees have marked fall for me for the past 5 years. I am reminded of a tremendous deer herd running those same hills during their rut, turkeys yelping, clucking, purring, and gobbling in their fall flocks. The Eleven Point is beautiful, clear, pristine, and I can testify cold that time of year! Eagle Ranch is aptly named for the majestic namesake of our country. Again I have amazing memories, but the things that sticks out most in my mind are the experiences and relationships that have been forged at Eagle Ranch.

Thank you for sharing your home and including me in these wonderful memories.

From: Jeff Barry

I’ve hunted Eagle Ranch the past two years and found the entire experience to be a real joy. Eagle Ranch is a beautiful property, and Mark is a great host!

From: Richard Hauptle

Eagle Ranch is a slice of heaven on earth! From the picturesque views atop the hill at the lodge to the sparkling clear waters of the Eleven Point River, visiting Eagle Ranch is an amazing experience. I have enjoyed wading up the river and catching trophy smallmouth bass, catching brim, largemouth bass and crappie in the lake, and watching over 100 wild turkeys fly in to roost in the trees along the river at dusk. And of course, seeing so many eagles while boating on the river or just hanging out cooking those crappie at the lodge. One of my favorite memories was hunting those turkeys in the morning along the river – I came so close to bagging one but failed. Maybe next time! If you want to enjoy an abundance of wildlife, and soak your toes in a beautiful river while getting some serious rest and relaxation, I recommend a visit to Eagle Ranch.

From: Bill McMurtray

What I like best is the rolling and diversified terrain. There are plenty of wooded areas but also open spaces. Being located on the Eleven Point River just really caps everything off. The lodge was built correctly from the outset. In any room you can feel the stability. Also, because of the lay out there is a certain privacy that most homes don’t offer. In the summer it is great to sit out on the patio and take in the sight of the land during the day and the stars at night. During the winter there are no better fireplaces anywhere. The design is second to none and this lends its self to ultimate comfort.

From: Barry D. Maynard

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have been invited to hunt, fish, hang out, camp, & nature walk and sight see at Eagle Ranch with Mark for the last 9 years…. It is one of the prettiest and most scenic gorgeous places I’ve been on full of wild games, birds, and nature. It beautiful and an awesome wildlife sanctuary to say the least! I’ve been privileged to be a guest at some of the finest wildlife properties that exist and my trips to eagle ranch are the best. It’s a wildlife paradise that being only a few hours from Memphis you feel like you are a million miles away because it so secluded just like you are in inhabited grounds that are like it was 150 years ago. Eagle Ranch is an awesome place with endless recreational opportunities… I recommend an opportunity to go to Eagle Ranch to all my friends….” to say the least being at Eagle Ranch is a treat of the lifetime!

From: Bobby McRee

Eagle Ranch is one of the most relaxing places I have ever experienced. The views from the lodge or at the river’s edge are equally beautiful and give you the feel of being in a wilderness setting. The experience from an early morning whitetail watch to a mid afternoon bass fishing excursion or river wade for trout, and the completion of the day next to a crackling fire after grilling under the huge Oaks around the lodge, is something right out of a dream. Everyone should see this Eagle Ranch, it’s good for the soul!

From: Worth Steen

I had the pleasure of spending three days and two nights at the beautiful Eagle Ranch on the Eleven Point River in Missouri. The Ranch had so much to offer with beautiful large hard wood stands overlooking a rolling pasture. The crystal clear Eleven Point runs all along on side of the property offering picture book scenery. While my trip was in the spring time (turkey hunting), the wildlife was very abundant. Stepping out of the lodge door every morning looking down at the light fog on the river, making that locator call and hearing at least 6-10 gobbles, is a turkey hunters dream. The second morning was one I will remember my entire hunt life. As I eased down toward the river and made my locator call, I heard the thunder of a gobble. With a little bit of a letdown I could tell it came from the other side of the river and he was already on the ground. I knew my chances were slim in getting him across and in range. Always looking for a challenge I decided to give him a try. As I positioned myself as close as I could to the river without being detected, I began my calling. After another thunderous answer to my calling my hopes began to rise, but the river. After approximately an hour of talking to each other I decided to back off my position. I waited and then called lightly. No answer. My heart sunk. I waited and called once more. No answer. The start of depression was coming on. One minute seemed like fifteen and fifteen like an hour. Then hearing a noise from the rivers direction, I sat up straight and much to my surprise he landed 60 yards out. Two light yelps, and the deal was closed! As a turkey hunter having experienced calling that turkey across the river, after he was already on the ground, is a memory I will cherish forever. The outdoor activities at the Eagle Ranch are numerous with deer hunting, turkey hunting, squire hunting, fishing for bass and bream in a stocked pond and much more. The beauty of the place is certainly one to see. My thanks to Mark Utley for allowing me the opportunity to experience a beautiful outdoor opportunity!